Did you know that there are numerous advantages in promoting your company and/or products through flyers?

Agility: the intended message is quickly absorbed by the target audience after dissemination using pamphlets. Compared to various other forms, it is statistically the most agile in propagating information.

Cost: the cost-benefit ratio is quite advantageous, considering the cost of production and distribution compared to efficiency. If overlapped with other methods of dissemination, it is one of the cheapest and most advantageous.

Image: the image of the company, product or what is advertised will be printed, which with the production of good quality textual or structural material creates a strong and cohesive identity.

Specific target audience: another advantage is the possibility of reaching a previously designed target audience, that is, the distribution of the material is done in places and in punctual ways in order to reach potential customers or targets of the information to be disseminated, regardless of the profile they are . The practical advantages and flexible form of printed material make this form of marketing one of the most popular and effective.

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