One of Microsoft's priorities in the coming years is to make the mixed reality niche more popular, which combines virtual reality and augmented reality, projecting scenes into the physical world while creating a new immersive experience. And for that, the company seems to...

A patent recently registered by the company presents a mixed reality method that includes a holographic button that can linked to the site of a store.

This button would allow, to access the physical store this environment, every time the customer take an off the shelf item the show up button just above this item, to interact with it, you confirm the purchase of the item within the store site, thus introducing the "one click shopping" not only in the virtual stores but also in physical stores.

Of course, to have access to this button, it will be necessary that the client is using the appropriate headsets to have access to technology, but to provide such equipment to improve the shopping experience can be a differentiator from trades within the next years.


Fonte: Canaltech

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