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This Cookies Policy is part of the Privacy Policy (hereinafter, the "BE-WIDE", "Site" or "Website"). The access and navigation on the site, or the use of its services, you agree to the terms and conditions contained in the Privacy Policy.

To facilitate and provide a better browsing experience through the website, the (hereinafter, the "BE-WIDE", "Site" or "Website"), reports that use Cookies or other similar functionality files (hereinafter the "Cookies").

Because of the way how the Internet communication standards, access to websites may involve the use of cookies. In any case, we inform that the Be-Wide is responsible for Cookies and processing of data obtained from cookies own and others, deciding on the purpose, content and use of the processing of collected information.

1. What is a Cookie?
Os cookies são arquivos que contêm pequenas quantidades de informações que são descarregadas para o dispositivo do utilizador quando visita uma página da Web. O objetivo principal é reconhecer o utilizador sempre que ele acede ao site, permitindo também melhorar a qualidade e oferecer um melhor uso do site. Resumidamente: visam simplificar a sua navegação em Be-Wide.

Cookies are essential to the functioning of the Internet; they do not damage the equipment / user of the device and, if enabled in your browser configuration, help identify and resolve errors in the operation of the site.

2. Uso de Cookies pelo BE-WIDE.
By accessing the site, the user expressly accepts the use of this type of cookies on their devices. If you disable cookies, your browsing on the site may not be optimized and some of the features available on the site may not work properly.

Specifically, the BE-WIDE uses cookies for the purposes stated below. If, in the future, the BE-WIDE use other in order to provide more and better services, the user will be informed of it.

3. Cookies Used
- Cookie Preferences
These cookies allow websites remember information that alter the behavior and appearance of the Website. These cookies can also help to change the text size, font and other customizable parts of Web pages. The loss of information stored in a preference cookie may make it less functional Website experience, but should not prevent its operation .

- Security Cookies
Security Cookies are used to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and protect unauthorized data. For example, it allows you to block many types of attack, such as attempts to steal the content of forms that fills in Web pages.

- Cookies Process
The process of Cookies help the website to function and deliver services that the website visitor expects, like browsing web pages or accessing secure areas of the Website. Without these cookies, the website can not function properly.

- Cookie Session State
Websites often collect information about how users interact with a particular Web page. This may include the pages users visit most often, and whether users get error messages from certain pages. The so-called 'session state cookies help improve the services of the companies in order to improve the browsing experience for our users. Block or delete these cookies does not make the Website unusable.

- Cookie Analysis
These cookies help the owners of websites and applications to understand the involvement of your visitors with your web pages. You can use a set of cookies to collect information and report statistics regarding use of the Websites without personally identifying individual visitors.

- Advertising Cookie
These cookies (eg platforms like Google or Facebook) help the website owner and / or applications to make the capture of “Leads” for attracting new assesores / customers / website users. The collected data is anoninos and can not identify the user. They are used to limit the number of times an ad is displayed and help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

- Cookies and plug-ins social networking (social buttons)
These social cookies are designed to allow users to share pages and content through third party social networks. They allow also target the provision of advertising on social networks.

Our site also uses plug-ins or social buttons.

Social plug-ins make it possible to facilitate the sharing of pages and site content the various social platforms. For example, allow the user to like ( "like") and share information of our site with your friends on social networks.

For this, the plug-ins use cookies to track the browsing habits of users are users of these platforms or not, and to check whether they are connected to the social network while browsing. These cookies also allow you to target advertising offerings on these platforms.

For more information on the use of personal data in relation to social networks, can be found the privacy policies of third-party social networks in question.

All cookies are maintained only by the strictly necessary time to use it.

4. User configuration to avoid cookies
In accordance with current legislation, we provide information allowing the user to configure your browser to manage and maintain your privacy and security with regard to Cookies. Therefore, we provide information and links to official support sites of major browsers so that the user can decide whether to accept the use of Cookies.

The cookie settings can be changed in your browser preferences by following the instructions given on the links:
Internet Explorer

For more information about cookies, including cookies to know that were installed and how they can be managed and disposed, the user can access If the user does not want your visits to Web sites are detected by Google Analytics, you must access

It is understood that the user accepts the use of cookies if you continue to browse this page without first proceed to its deactivation.

Latest update: May 25, 2018