You are probably familiar with traditional marketing, which promotes brands, products and services through channels such as television, radio, billboards, magazines and newspapers. But what about digital marketing strategies? Digital marketing uses online platforms and resources to...

Here are our 10 digital marketing strategies

1. Inbound marketing

It is increasingly difficult to talk about digital marketing strategies without thinking about inbound marketing. This is because this methodology, which is also known as attraction marketing, has gained a lot of prominence due to the results generated in several companies from different areas. Its success lies in the fact that in this type of strategy, the customer is always the main focus. In this way, its objective is to gain people's attention and build a relationship with it through the production of content such as blogposts, social networks, e-books, checklists, etc.

Probably knows traditional marketing

Probably knows traditional marketing


2. Content Marketing

Speaking of producing richer materials, content marketing is one of the main strategies of inbound marketing and also one of the most used by companies. Content marketing consists of investing in various types of content to educate and help your company's target audience, because over time a relationship of trust and authority is created that leads to the moment of purchase of the product. The content contains all the information necessary for the potential customer, in order to help him with his doubts, needs, entertaining and creating a certain value with the reader. Thus having a direct connection with your business, product and or service.


3. SEO

We cannot talk about digital marketing strategies without talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That's because this same technique corresponds to a series of actions for the optimization of websites, blogs and web pages that will help you to be well positioned by search engines, such as Google. SEO can be used in two ways, on page or off page:

-On-page SEO consists of doing certain actions that lead to a better experience for your customer while he is on your website, consequently increasing the time the user stays on the page, traffic and leads, for example.

-On the other hand, off-page SEO strategies are carried out outside your page, that is, with actions that impact the position of your website, as mentioned above. Basically it's when your link is on another company's page.

SEO - Digital Marketing Strategies



4. Ads

When you enter a website and are bombarded with advertisements, it is a very common problem in the digital world. Whether through pop-ups or remarketing ads, when used in excess, these practices can alienate your audience more than helping you generate leads and, of course, sales. This is why strategies such as Native Ads can be welcome. This strategy implies the delivery of ads with themes similar to the page and/or client, which appear as recommendations.

This is why strategies such as Native Ads, for example, can be welcome.

On the other hand, off-page SEO strategies are carried out outside your page.


5. Platform, partner and affiliate programs

Using a third-party company to bring the product to the customer can be a great opportunity to leverage sales. This can be done, for example, through, for example, a Marketplace. In one of these cases, a person promotes the product or service and if the sale goes through, he earns a small amount of commission. In the case of platforms, they naturally benefit from having third parties in their environment, as this helps the dissemination of their services to the customer.


6.Landing pages e pop-ups

In the context of digital marketing, so-called landing pages are the terms used for pages specifically designed to convince the user to perform a certain action in favor of the company, such as, for example, adding a product to the cart or clicking on a link that leads to another page. On the other hand, pop-ups are windows and small banners that appear above the browser page and try to convince the user to subscribe to a product or service. Both landing pages and popups are used for conversion purposes. If you have the right contacts at hand, it's easier to make the pages and then try to sell to customers.


7. Social Networks

Social networks are ideal online sites for the digital marketing work of companies. After all, in addition to being able to reach the public in a strategic and segmented way, they present several possibilities for creative interactions, such as: stories, comment, react, share, save, vote and much more. In addition, customers' consumption habits have undergone drastic changes with technologies, and this is directly reflected in the way brands communicate with the public on social networks. Thus, if in the past the consumer only received advertising on TV, radio or newspaper, now the conversation happens on both sides. Whether it's a direct or a story on Instagram or a comment on a post on LinkedIn.

digital marketing strategies - social networks

if in the past the consumer only received advertising on TV


8. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has gained great grip and popularity in the last year, giving the idea that everyone can be an influencer, especially on social media. The truth is that this type of strategy really works, but on the other hand it is also true that its presence has diminished for several reasons. At the head is the huge amounts that some influencers charge brands, some sums are completely impossible for some national brands to establish a marketing plan in the communication of their products.


9. E-mail marketing

There are a lot of people who say that email marketing is dead. However, this idea is more than wrong, as it usually occurs in two ways: either this strategy is not compatible with your audience, or the strategy is being elaborated in the wrong way. For example, it is estimated that 3 billion email accounts have been created around the world. In this way, according to data from either this strategy is not compatible with your audience or the strategy is being designed wrong, 92% of adults, who are online almost daily, use their email, and 61% of them use it daily.



SEM or Search Engine Marketing are the strategies focused on the search engines used by customers. Unlike SEO rules, which focus on organic attraction, SEM is broader and encompasses search engine optimization itself. And that's because SEM uses both organic and paid. To obtain results, techniques are used that help companies stand out from competitors in search engines, using for example sponsored links.


SEM is broader and encompasses search engine optimization itself

I hope that with this article you have discovered several Digital Marketing strategies to use in your business. If you want more tips for your business, why not check out this article about Inbound e outbound marketing.

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