Communication in the Internet age now goes far beyond simply sending a text message !!
Check your feeds networks sociaisou text messages ... how many smiling faces, flying hearts, moons and unicorns are watching ??
These small images iconic Japanese, known as emoji, are more popular on the internet today than ever – then, it is more than deserved they have their own special day.

This day is recognized on 17 July! The World Emoji day is a date that validates our obsession with these ubiquitous graphical icons.

Although sometimes seem silly, according to many psychologists and researchers, they can play a vital role in the way we communicate today. In fact, the Word of the Year Oxford Dictionary of 2015 was the emoji "?".

They imply the expression that the person has at the time, giving the idea of ​​how the person is reacting to the conversation !!

Connect the phone and send to your friends all the emoticons you want today is a healthy obsession. ?


1. Have a conversation only with emoji

Challenge your knowledge of emoticons to convey a message only emoji with your best friend. Here's how to understand everything using only these wonderful icons !!!

2. Create your own emoji

You can turn your favorite photos into sharable emoji using various applications and online tools. You can finally turn the favorite photo of your dog or cat in emoji (since we already know that you send a lot of pictures of them anyway)!

3. Use your favorite emoticon

Create your own custom emoji t-shirt or buy one through an online vendor (see the Amazon for some ideas). Your favorite emoji can become your new favorite t-shirt.


A. They have become a new universal language

The language comes in many forms and one of the oldest types of language are the visual symbols. The emoji are unique because they are visual symbols that help improve our written language. They can replace whole words or phrases and still be understood.


B. receiving Love “Emoji”


Emoji were originally created as a way to symbolize emotions with images. Similar to score, they express emotion through irony or humor, and even suggest tone of voice or body language in the text-based communication. These cause emotional responses in people, which can lead us to be more empathetic. Basically, as we become better at identifying our emotions, we also become better at feeling the emotions of others. It seems that “emojiicional empathy” It is a trend.

C. They help us when words fail

The emoji help us better understand visually when things can get lost in translation through the words. In the Internet Age, the emoji help us communicate better and faster. Let's face it, they are cute and addictive to use, but they serve a much greater purpose. The emoji improve our ability to communicate effectively with others and become more noticeable fluid and discussion…. When in doubt, emojiiiiii.

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