If your business involves selling some kind of physical product, create an online store is an essential step for any business owner to follow the evolution of trade in current times.

A survey by Eurostat, “Statistics e-commerce for individuals“Show a steady growth in the use of the internet, and estimated that in 2018, 73% of individuals between 16 and 54 bought goods or services over the Internet.

This type of statistical goes to show that the Internet is increasingly the favorite place to shop, and entrepreneurs need to start making the transition to the digital world.

This is the ideal time to learn how to create an online store, learn about the basic strategies for atraíres customers to your online store, and you may obtain the your first sale online.

How to create an online store?

1. Choose a host and domain

In the process of creating an online store, the first thing we have to do is search for the right web hosting to host the site with the store, and the domain name or to the store.

Typically, for this type of site, it is customary to start with a VPS, it is important to have a quick shop for potential customers. If the store take a long time to open, it is enough for the customer to go looking for the same product in another online store.

You can find a better explanation of the types of accommodation in Article “Web Hosting in Portugal: Types, Advantages and Disadvantages?“Where it indicated the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Regarding the domain and store name, already depends on the name and type of business, but as a rule, this should be short and easily memorable. Until two or three words related to the type of store is recommended.

2. Instalar WordPress e Woocommerce

After the accommodation and chosen domain, you must install CMS WordPress and the plugin woocommerce which will allow using the wordpress website as an online store.

Often the web hosting provider facilitates the installation of wordpress on the server, but is nonetheless required some technical skills for this part.

If you do not possess the expertise to progress with the installation of these components, I highly recommend the contratares companies specializing in this type of services, such as Be-Wide Online Solutions!

3. Install a template wordpress

After wordpress woocommerce and installed, it is important to choose a design for online store. A wordpress template can be a good option to simplify the situation.

The article “Top 5 Best WordPress Templates Most Used in 2019” It is a good start to search for her by a template for your online store.

It is important to store design is attractive and yet simple enough in order to encourage the customer to buy the product. The less difficulty that the client visit the site is reason enough to give up the purchase.

4. Add products will shop online

After the created store, it is important to add the product to the store. This process can be a bit boring and time consuming, it is necessary to optimize the own product page.

The product submission page have to be as well optimized as possible to sell the product, and this itself is a science itself.

This is where the optimization of speed wordpress site and the web page optimization for search engines (SEO) it is important to increase conversion and product sales.

How to get your first sale online?

– advertising campaigns and paid advertisements

The easy part is to create an online store, the hardest part is to attract visitors to the store, and take visitors to buy the products.

One of the form easier and more efficient to attract visitors is through paid advertising, whether google ads or facebook ads.

Pay for advertising is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to start selling in the online store, “disadvantage” is the need to invest time and money to launch advertising campaigns.

Recommend be in use the services of a marketing agency as the Be-Wide Online Solutions for better management of your advertising campaigns.

– SEO optimization and organic traffic

Another strategy to sell without having to pay for advertising will invest in optimizing pages for search engines (SEO).

The optimization for search engines (SEO), serves to make the page more visible product in search engines such as Google, And thus attract organic traffic, which in turn does not cost anything.

Organic traffic requires some initial work, but in my opinion is much cheaper in the long term, and this is well explained in the article “Organic traffic, Content Marketing, SEO and Customer Acquisition Cost“.

Why create an online store with wordpress and woocommerce?

You can create an online store with other CMS and tools, some can even be free, but there is a reason to use wordpress and woocommerce: Freedom, flexibility and low cost!

With this solution you have 100% control over your online store, the flexibility to change anything and put the shape you want, and it's much cheaper than many of the other solutions.

If the store grow enough to the point of this solution is not the most suitable, there is always the possibility to migrate to another solution. However, in my opinion this is the fastest and easiest solution for anyone to start an online store.

The Be-Wide Online Solution specializes in the construction and maintenance of virtual stores with dozens of examples in the portfolio and online stores to sell right now. Ask us for a free quoteWe will be happy to help you with your project!

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