Alright, are you an entrepreneur who has finally decided to “take a risk” in this area that is still gray for you (Investing in Digital Marketing)?! First of all I have to congratulate you and a big round of applause (huge indeed), you just left the 90% of Atheist Portuguese Entrepreneurs of digital marketing and Online Advertising (from now on we call them EPÁ’s).

Well, you took the first step, you really want to see your business grow and you understand that advertising is always an investment and not an expense, and that although you don't know how, or even don't like these things from "facebooks", "googles" and the “linkedines” (isn't this just to get work?) realized that they have enormous potential for your company. After that, he defined well what the objectives are and now he wants to get to work.

But… you don't understand any of this, and then you go look for a Marketing Agency or "someone" who can help you… right? Please don't delegate such an important task to your child, nephew or employee, don't think that because they supposedly know how to work with your Social Networks, they are able to work your company in the Digital world… you need PROFESSIONALS!!

The best procedure is to contact a Marketing Agency with a team of specialist collaborators, each in their own area, as you will need Design, photography and video services, Content Management/Creation for your company's social networks. Company, Communication Strategies, Ad Specialists, Web Programming, Performance Analysis, and many others…(yes, Digital Marketing is a world!). On the other hand, you can “take a risk” with a single professional in the area, a single person is rarely an expert in all of this, not to mention the time and attention that is required for all these components, and you will probably not be the only client of this professional. ! It all depends on the Value and the importance you give to your company, if you want results, look for a company with proven results and that guarantees you results, you can and should even ask that Agency or professional for examples, so you will have more data to compare which is the best option according to your goals.

If by any chance a marketing agency or even a marketing professional presents you with “solutions” without online advertising and ads, I have my advice:
– Politely thank the person or company for the time spent with you, say good morning or afternoon, look for the door you entered, and run….RUN… He contacted the agency or professional e-mail or other means without attending… delete email, delete messages, block the number, pretend it doesn't exist…

If you want results, you must invest in ads, because Online Advertising in Portugal is still stupidly “cheap”, if you want to know why read this article: Online advertising is still stupidly cheap in Portugal.

Look for an Agency or professional with a lot of experience in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn, among others, as they will be able to tell you which ones are most suitable for your goals and which strategies to use in each of them.

Find out from the Agency or the professional what the value of the Ad portfolio they manage, that is, in their services what is the advertising ceiling for the clients that the Agency or the professional manages. A company that manages an advertising portfolio of €10,000 in total of its customers is certainly different from a company that manages €200,000 or more in ceilings, as a general rule a company that manages a larger portfolio has much more experience and results.

That said, once again I congratulate you, you have taken the first step for your business to GROW, you are on the right path, with the right investment, your company will take “The leap”! Keep it up and don't be a EPÁ, EPÁ the business doesn't move, EPÁ the competition this and that, EPÁ this doesn't work… be an Entrepreneur "Mad"…

António Gonçalves

António Gonçalves

Digital Marketing Specialist | Performance Analyst | Marketing Consultant | Facebook Ads | Public Contracting
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