The vast majority of Portuguese entrepreneurs, and especially Madeiran entrepreneurs, have not yet realized the opportunities that are slipping away from them.… the budget needed to invest in Online Advertising is still very small for the enormity of results that can be obtained with this investment.

Well, my dear ones, Digital Marketing is the solution to all your ills!!!

Let's see, let's open a business! We try to rent or even buy a space, we do great works to make the space beautiful and attractive, we buy the computer(s), the high-end smartphone(s), the car or van, the furniture, equipment and even the company's parakeet!! And of course, I couldn't miss the grand opening!! And what do we forget right from the start?!

WE DON'T EVEN SET A BUDGET FOR MARKETING!… Ah, what is left (if any!) we “spend” on advertising… bad, bad, very bad… What's the point of starting a business and making it all pretty if you're then going to stand at the door with your arms crossed without understanding why customers don't show up?! They just don't know your company!!
It is necessary to make yourself known and a lot.

The biggest mistake of Portuguese entrepreneurs, if not the biggest mistake of most entrepreneurs, is not having defined a budget to INVEST in Marketing, a budget that should absorb a large percentage of the total available budget! It is the main customer acquisition tool.

And be amazed, with Digital Marketing it is still absurdly cheap!

But returning to the big MISTAKE of entrepreneurs, they do the exercise exactly the opposite, contact, for example, a Marketing Agency to find out how much it “costs to spend” on advertising instead of approaching the Marketing Agency in this way: “I have X thousand Euros to INVESTIR in Marketing, get the most out of me with this X”… The thinking of the Portuguese entrepreneur should be this, to have a defined quarterly, half-yearly or annual budget to invest in Marketing, and with that budget to obtain the maximum possible results, not the opposite.…

Now let's go to the numbers, investing in Online Advertising, through the various available channels is STUPIDLY CHEAP (I can't get enough of saying), investing in the main and most effective Online Advertising tools such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads brings great benefits at a negligible price. The cost of acquiring a new customer is so low and the return can only be huge.

As an example, in Google Ads, namely advertising in searches (appearing first in search engine searches) I will compare the average investment per click necessary to attract a potential new customer in the United States of America and Portugal, while that in the USA the cost of a click on an ad can be around $250, in Portugal it can be around €0.20 for the same business area… already in ads on Social Networks, while in the US a simple interaction can cost around $5, in Portugal a good ad is around €0.005, a Lead in ads on Social Networks in the US can cost $50 and in Portugal a measly 0.05 € or even less…

As you can see, it's STUPIDLY CHEAP and a real business stupidity not to invest in Online Advertising, it's the most economical way to attract customers, and increase your results…

António Gonçalves

António Gonçalves

Digital Marketing Specialist | Performance Analyst | Marketing Consultant | Facebook Ads | Public Contracting
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