Google Maps users have started to receive a new feature in the application: the possibility to see the location of speed cameras. When the user selects a route, the application displays orange dots with a camera to signal the presence of the...

The news is being released gradually to Google Maps users on Android and iOS. This image shows the technology in operation on the streets of Brazil. Google did not comment on the matter, but the novelty should also get other versions of the service, and PC and systems for cars.

In addition to warn of speed cameras, Google Maps now can also indicate the presence of roadworks. In both cases, the users is that feed the application with warnings, and after a lot of alerts, the system starts to identify the interference on the road.

Both features were being tested worldwide on Google Maps in November and December last year, so it was a matter of time before the news came to more users of the service.

The identification of radar and works are some of the tools used by Maps that are already present on Waze. The famous traffic application that was acquired by Google in 2013 for $ 1 billion already starred in some controversy because of its functionality. In addition to the radar identification, the app has also been criticized for warning about the presence of stops police, which, in theory, could lead to direct drivers recklessly.


Source: tecmundo

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