The last few years, and especially the last few weeks, have shown that the online presence of companies is not necessary… is mandatory!

There are currently companies that, even closed, in partial Layoff, are selling more than on normal days, simply because they had their business adapted to the online environment, website with online store, reach on social networks, or a hot list of mails.

If your business doesn't start seeing results right away, online, your business will have huge challenges ahead. Whether selling products, selling services, making contacts, being present to your customers or standing out from the competition.

This reality is today imposed by the consumer/user. It is increasingly demanding, and as a result, it requires an online presence and requires a good experience in the purchase, contact or support process.

Nowadays we can sell anything anywhere. The client can be in his office, on the sofa with his family, in the bathroom, or even in the middle of the mountains on a levada. At any time, with the right product, the right ad, the right website, the right experience, we can sell whatever we want to whoever we want.

Now let's see, when you want to buy something, what do you do? Go to the brand store? Search Google? See a video tutorial on Youtube? Follow a recommendation from a friend on Facebook?

These are the actions that are performed today before buying or looking for a service. ALL ONLINE!

If your Company's Product or Service sales or Online Leads represent less than 50% of total sales, then it's serious. You must take urgent action. In a professional way! With competent professionals, specialists, with proven evidence.

That's what Be-Wide Online Solutions Digital Marketing Agency does. We are from Madeira, and with great pride we have evolved since 2014, along with hundreds of satisfied customers!

Since brand creation, Corporative image, Launch Campaigns, Website Creation and Maintenance, Creation and Management of Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, etc), Creation, Management and Optimization of Advertising Campaigns on Social Networks, Google and Youtube (we are Official Google Partners), Website optimization for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Stores, Sales Funnels, Leads Capture, or Mail Marketing.

The Online Advertising Investment is paramount, and has to be considered on an annual basis, in your company's strategy. But professionally, not amateurishly.

Get away from the idea that a few posts made by your nephew, or a website made by the company's commercial, will be good sales tools and that you are saving money.

A Content (post) on Facebook reaches 2% of the number of Fans on your page. If your page has 5,000 Fans, the Content will show up to 100 people, and if it's done poorly, it might not even reach those numbers. A Content Well Done, following our experience in Design, Marketing, User-experience, Neurosales, can reach 500 or 1,000 people, and with the right promotion investment, it can reach 160,000 people (number of Facebook users in Madeira) or up to 6,700,000 No. of Facebook users in Portugal) and why not go to any other country, or the whole world?

How about a good MailMarketing Campaign? Did you know that it remains one of the biggest sources of revenue Online? Email sales?

And Remarketing? You know what it is? Have you ever been to a website to see an article, for example a television, and then saw the advertisement for that television everywhere you went online? Then… Remarketing is it! Imagine doing this with your business…

Did you know that in one day, your product could be appearing in front of your customer, anywhere in the world? And that your business can generate sales 1 minute after it's launched? This is the power of “Online”…

Now imagine doing an Advertising Campaign in the Diário de Noticias, on the Mupis of the City, on the Radio, on Social Networks and on Google.. Can you imagine the Potential?

Partnership between Be-Wide and Diário de Notícias da Madeira

It is in this context that the Daily News contact us to create a perfect Symbiosis between two “Forces of Nature” in terms of Communication, Projection, Databases, and commercial potential, especially in Madeira and Porto Santo, but also for the rest of the world.

An Exclusive Strategy, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Partnership is created with a 360º offer for any company, whether new or historic, who want to assume their strong online presence, and want to advertise their products and services in an aggressive, powerful and extremely comprehensive way, immediately and/or consistently and organically.

We are tuned in, and ready to give you the best in the Communication World. Don't waste time, don't lose market, invest in your Online Presence. Contact us.

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