Regarding the acquisition of customers, many business owners tend to ignore the organic traffic potential, content marketing and SEO (optimization for search engines)… Big mistake!!

There is as much or more potential for a new company to invest in customer acquisition using organic traffic, which many large companies, those who really believe in your business, have teams dedicated to this subject.

This is one of the services that the Be-Wide Online Solutions provides its customersThe creation of new content, optimizing, publishing and tracking results.

Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic

Early in the life of a company, the most important part is to acquire customers. This is important to give life to this company and start ringing, and usually, the initial strategy is to pay for advertising, whether Google Ads ou Facebook Ads.

The major disadvantage of paid traffic is the cost, this investment that many new companies do not have (although it should have), and there is always the possibility of such advertising ads do not convert.

The other option would be to bet on organic traffic, which although not as immediate as the paid traffic, if done the right way (the way the Be-Wide know and already does for many years), can be much more profitable than any type of long-term paid advertising.

Organic Traffic chart, 12 Months - Customer Be-Wide # 1

Organic Traffic chart, 12 Months – Cliente Be-Wide #1

As the picture “Organic Traffic chart, 12 Months – Cliente Be-Wide #1” shows, one of the clients who accompany you have obtained results with a steady growth of organic traffic over 1 year. I do not tell the customer name for obvious reasons, but it is one of many customers of Be-Wide.

There are several steps to get a steady stream (or growing) of potential customers as the previous image, from research and market analysis, content creation directed to the type of audience, SEO, optimization of pages, etc.

The organic traffic although it involves more time and work have better long-term results at the end of it, can come out much more economical than the paid traffic, and is much more sustainable to help a small business to grow and capture more market share .

Content Marketing

As stated above, to obtain an organic flow of traffic requires constant work and always goes through a set of several steps and strategies aggregate. One of the important steps to get better results from organic traffic is creating articles or other content that can be “consumed” the target audience.

Process Content Marketing

Process Content Marketing

When I talk about content marketingI speak of a set of phases which will help increase in organic traffic, these phases being the following:

– Search keywords / market research;
– Create a page or blog article around one topic / keywords;
– Optimize the page or article following good SEO practices;

Eventually any new content that follow good SEO practice is found by GoogleAnd if the content is relevant enough, Google will begin to show the contents of the link to your search engine for people looking about it.

SEO – Optimization for search engines

Like any other strategy, content marketing alone is not enough, and this is where SEO complements the process. Aliais, SEO is as important as the creation of content, because it allows search engines such as Google, realize that matter is being discussed on the page.

Please search engines is the goal of SEO, thus allowing the indexing of the page, and thus allow it to start appearing in search results. And so increase the organic traffic to a website.

Now what are the good SEO practices? There is much good practice to take into consideration, but the most basic are also the most important:

– Use only one H1 tag with the keyword;
– Use at least one H2 tag with the keyword;
– Put the keyword in the first paragraph;
– Have at least one image with the keyword in the ALT attributes;
– Use the keyword in the meta description of the page;
– Have an article with at least 300 words;
– And much more…

The purpose of this article is not to describe all the points to consider in SEO, but the list shows the most relevant, and should never be left to chance.

The cost of customer acquisition

And now to ask what the cost of all this work? Get organic traffic will not give more work than paid traffic? You will not be more expensive?

The answer is yes and no… Ie gives perhaps more work, especially if it is performed by someone with little experience but will not be more expensive, because if done correctly, over time, content that is well written and the target audience's interest you can spend a lifetime to attract new customers.

Acquisition channels, 30 Days - Customer Be-Wide # 1

Acquisition channels, 30 Days – Cliente Be-Wide #1

Advertising and paid traffic acquisition cost of a new customer will depend on the advertising ad performance, and the amount invested after a certain period of time, and thus, the cost for a conversion or new customer will be a fixed value.

If we use 50 € per day on advertising, and we get 3 customers or conversions per day, the cost of customer acquisition will be € 16.66 a given day.

Now applying the same logic in relation to organic traffic, this is dependent on the creation of new products and their optimization for search engines, therefore, imagine that a good article with the entire process included (market research, article writing, SEO ) cost 50 € to create and place on the site.

If the €50 article is really worth its price, it is to be expected that it will be indexed by the search engines and start gaining visibility. Over time, this article begins to appear on the first page of google and attract readers to the point that some of these visits begin to convert into customers.

The moment there is only one conversion is a matter of time before there is a second conversion, a third, etc. With an acquisition cost of € 50 for the first customer who comes in the article, at the time it appears a second client, the cost already passes for 25 € with a third longer be 16,66 €, one bedroom is 12 5 €, etc.

The situation here is clear, organic traffic, over time, will be much more advantageous than paid traffic, but this advantage is only visible over time.

What conclusion can we draw from all this?

Each case is unique, and can not guarantee the same results for all kinds of business or activity, but so far I am confident ensure minimal results justified this type of work remain in most cases.

Source Traffic, 30 Days - Customer Be-Wide # 1

Source Traffic, 30 Days – Cliente Be-Wide #1

One of the main problems that I notice, especially with Portuguese entrepreneurs is that they do not have the patience to invest in a website, content marketing, and wait for the results.

In some specific cases notice an insistence on paid traffic when organic traffic would be the right strategy for the type of company and activity concerned.

We can bet on one or another strategy depending on the objectives of the company, but nothing prevents develop both.

Usually paid traffic always helps to attract organic traffic, and both strategies are being used to attract new customers, possibly one will stand out, and should be that we should focus our efforts and capital.

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