Nowadays it is very important to have a online presence (a site, talk to us) and in a world where most people use a search engine to look for information, it is important to be present online and have good practices to reach the intended target audience of our business, service, etc.

We are going to provide a list of 16 useful tips that will improve your online presence, tips for SEO ( search engine optimisation) – from user experience, link building and much more. Talk to us if you need help!


16 Effective SEO Tips

1st Site Layout and architecture

  • The content of our website must be clear and easily accessible;
  • Avoid using ads at the top of the page (above the fold);
  • Create a hierarchy in the content;
  • Keep navigation simple and clear;
  • Nofollow paid affiliate links;
  • Keep URLs SEO Friendly;
  • Keep contact information Visible;
  • Have a privacy policy and also an about us page.

2nd Keyword Research

  • Choose your keywords well;
  • Maintain one main keyword per Page;
  • Check Keyword Competition;
  • Use the competitors' keywords;
  • Check the CTR (Click-through Rate, or click-through rate).

3rd Title Tags (title Tags)

  • Put the chosen keyword in front;
  • Avoid abbreviations;
  • Make the headline clickable (attract people);
  • Add the tag at the end;
  • Do not repeat keywords;
  • Keep between 50-60 characters;
  • Title tag formula: Keyword | Secondary Keyword | Brand name.

4th Meta Descriptions (Meta Descriptions)

  • Avoid abbreviations;
  • Write clearly and concisely;
  • Include the main keyword as early as possible;
  • Keep between 150 and 160 characters.

5th Header Tags

6th The content

  • Use the keyword in the first paragraph;
  • Higher content means higher ranking;
  • Forget the density of Keywords;
  • Use Keywords LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) Keywords);
  • Add internal and external links;
  • Value quality over frequency;
  • Structuring the data richly and clearly.

7th User ExperienceUser Experience SEO

  • Download the Bounce rate (leave the site without taking any action);
  • Use “Scrollmaps” software;
  • Use tracking maps ("heatmaps" tracking);
  • Minimize the use of pop-ups;
  • Be careful with ads;
  • Be optimized for Mobile (Google requires mobile friendly sites);
  • Have 404 pages configured and user friends
  • Implement SSL.

8th Google Search Console (formerly known as google Webmaster tools)

  • Check and fix Crawl for Computer/smartphone errors;
  • Add and submit sitemap.xml;
  • Look for high impressions and place internal links to these pages to increase rankings.

9th Google Analytics (monitor)

  • Check traffic variations;
  • See which pages users will stop on (landing page);
  • See where they leave the site (Exit pages);
  • Check the Bounce Rate.

10th Website loading speed

  • Optimize website loading time (mobile/desktop).


11th Image Optimization

  • Add relevant text to the “alt text”;
  • Use descriptive names on images;
  • Compress the size of images.

12º Link Building

  • Have links from sites with high authority (High domain Authority sites);
  • Sites related to the content of your site;
  • Links in the content;
  • Follow competitors' backlinks;
  • Diversify the links and also the anchor texts.

13th Social Networkssocial networks

  • Be active on social media;
  • Make a Twitter card;
  • Featured on the website;
  • Encourage sharing of site content.

14º Google Penalty Recovery

  • Check for traffic drops;
  • Remove irrelevant content;
  • Remover maus links;
  • Check that there are no hacks/insertion of links;
  • Request a reconsideration request

Note: Recovering from penalties is not easy and care should be taken to remove links or de-index pages.

15th Content Promotion

  • Find popular content in your area and improve and update it;
  • Have content that you can share, for example infographics;
  • Disclose by email;
  • Share other people's content.

16th General SEO Tips and Advice

  • Learn as much as possible;
  • Pay attention to updates from the world of search engines;
  • Be patient;
  • Avoid less correct tactics;
  • And don't spam.

If you follow these practices, you will most likely be very successful with your SEO and find even more potential customers for your business.

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