It is a mini revolution, although it has been expected for some time. As of today, the most important internet search engine will start to value, and a lot, websites that are adaptive, that is, that adjust correctly to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Google wants your site to be responsive to your smartphone!

Google justifies this change, announced a few months ago, with the growing prevalence of internet consumption through these devices. “When it comes to searching on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and fastest results, regardless of whether the information exists on mobile-friendly web pages or in applications,” says Google.

The North American giant says it has adjusted its algorithms to adapt to new Internet usage patterns. As of today, the fact that websites are, or not, friends with consultation on mobile devices will be decisive for their better or worse ranking.

It's true that it will be one of more than 200 elements that help define a site's position in Google's search results, but it will be a very important element.

This change will be implemented in all mobile searches in all languages ​​and across the world.

“Users will see that it will be easier to obtain relevant and high quality results, optimized for their equipment”, adds to Google.

To verify that a website complies with Google's mobility rules, the company provides a tool where you can take the test on your page.

We are mobile friendly and compatible. And your website? By the way, do you already have a website? 😉


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