It is with great pride that we completed another project and we make another customer happy!

The Be Wide is proud to launch today, November 3rd, another project carried out with passion, conviction and dedication.
The client entrusted his company out of our hands for us to build the website of your company Reabilitesse. It is especially dedicated to the provision of services such as Physiotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Consultations…

Click on the image to visit the Website Reabilitesse

We built the site to represent the company containing all the information available to the customer. This website has a very interesting and practical function for everyday life: you can book your appointment online from home or elsewhere; no need to go to the site, access the site and marque a sua consulta.

It is a website accessible to all ages, simple to navigate, built essentially with photographs of the establishment and services. Reabilitesse. It contains all the information available, easy access and we can quickly locate ourselves and find the company. It is responsive, that is, you can browse the website on any device from Smartphone, iPad, etc… Wherever you go, the information travels with you.

We offer every customer the dedication of build and develop the site thinking that you will have access to the whole world; all we want is for you to have good results and a 100% success! This is the advantage of putting your trust in our hands: we can ensure that your company has excellent results and more views. Undoubtedly, the satisfaction of this customer is a glory for us because now the whole world will know of its existence and will contact without hesitation to obtain its services.

Capa de facebook Reabilitesse

Undoubtedly, it is also integrated in social networks and it was with great pleasure that also build your Facebook.

Like this client, turn your company into the digital world, Give an opportunity to Be Wide and get better results in your business and in your life! ?

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