Currently you can find all kinds of free services on the Internet, even to create a free website services, but in this particular case, there are also many disadvantages to using a free website for your project.

Many of the solutions of free sites present in the market provide a simple and quick way to create a presentation page. The options are vast and each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Some examples of online services to create free sites: Wix, Webly, webnode, Site123.

However, creative services free sites come with major disadvantages, and these may become increasingly visible over time.

7 disadvantages of using free websites

1. We do not have the domain control
If the idea is to create a completely free site, many of the platforms offer the option to use a free subdomain to the site that we are creating.

The use of these sub-domains means that we will never be able to be in control, and will be dependent on the platform forever.

If one day we have the need to use a hosting service faster, we can only use the options provided by the platform, and even there are such options.

Our project or business is 100% dependent on the good will and the solutions provided by the platform we choose.

2. We do not have control of the server
Many of these platforms use a type of shared web hosting, Which means it is a matter of time before our project grow and have to be moved to another faster hosting solution.

If the idea is to grow, as of course this is very bad solution to start the project because of the risk that we run to stay depending on the platform.

Most likely it will not be provided a copy of the site to migrate to another server, and worse the situation if we decide to use a free subdomain.

3. We can not build the site to our way
Platforms used to create free sites will work very basic templates and pre-defined designs, usually with a dozen or more options to our choice.

Many of the special features and effects are usually disabled for users who do not pay a monthly fee, which limits the type of site you can build.

We will never have the same kind of freedom to modify and adapt a free website, how we can modify and adapt with a solution paid and built from scratch.

4. It is more difficult to make SEO optimization
When using this type of building platforms of free sites, we are relying on this note the SEO of the page, we often do not have the freedom to optimize the way we want.

This is because often the templates that these platforms provide for the free users are few and simple that is.

For someone who wants to work the SEO of your website pages, it is much easier to do this kind of optimization with the site built on wordpress for example, where we have full control of how the pages are built.

5. The paid plans can be costly
Usually this type of platforms need to make money, and how to provide a free service, the service is paid needs to pay for both.

A development package proposed by a marketing agency like Be-Wide Online Solutions, is most often cheaper than start with a free solution, and later have to pay absurd amounts for each extra solution.

6. it may already be many others like sites
One of the major problems of these free platforms is limited as these are in terms of design, That is often the user is limited to very few templates.

This implies that there may be many others like websites, and thus the image of the company or brand can not be easily recognized by customers.

7. Not every kind of content is allowed
The biggest drawback to this type of platform is has its limitations when it comes to content that can be hosted on the site.

Each platform differs from one to another, but something they all have in common is the prohibition of the use of content to come of age, or even something that suggests content of age.

This case is just one example, but there is no way to have 100% control over what can and can not put on our website, and not run the risk of losing the site of a moment's notice.

Free vs paid sites Sites

Each case is different, and maybe in your case a free website platform is the solution, but in most cases, the free sites come with major disadvantages, and very rarely bring results.

If it's results you are looking for, forget these free platforms and look for a professional marketing agency (Such as the Be-Wide Online Solutions) to help you expand your business.

Usually what come cheap now, will leave much more expensive later, so if you are serious about your business, invest in the success of it now!

Norberto Marques

Norberto Marques

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