Are you looking for the best way to manage your company's facebook page!? Many people think it's easy to have a successful Facebook page so that your business can keep your audience's attention now and for years to come. In reality, it's not that easy.

Considering that Facebook has more than 1.4 billion monthly active users, creating a page of business Facebook is not an option, it is a must. You may believe that will take advantage of new customers and increase significantly interaction rates just by being on Facebook, however, things are not as simple as that. In this article we will present the essential tips for manage Facebook pages, that will help you take your business from this online social network.

1. Use the Facebook management services based on

feedback from the online community

Every owner wants to believe that their businesses are perfect and that their clients have no problems or complaints. This, however, is never case.

Dicas essenciais para gerir páginas de Facebook

Feedback on Facebook pages

No company is perfect and not all customers will also find complete satisfaction. a good manager and owner understands that although the comments negative customer can be derogatory, in the end is, ultimately, a good thing.

This is where a company that provides management services pages of Facebook comes to offer a good rating for the company, as these are professional in dealing with less good feedbacks and able to maintain the good image of empresa.Ou is, customers can leave your feedback in the comments and can express what made them give the classification, whether good or bad. Having the opportunity to see what is a problem for customers allow you to improve in the future and inform everyone that the issue has been corrected.

2. To show the personal side to your business

Dicas essenciais para gerir páginas de Facebook

Show personal side of business

Many customers like to see the more personal side of the companies, which can be hard to do when many of your employees are behind or are in “business mode” when interacting with customers. To show the next most “quiet” company, an effective Facebook Management Service would publish the photos on the Facebook page of the company's activities client in question or in any festival that took place within it. This shows that they care about their employees and consequently with their customers. So also offer customers an emotional attachment to the brand.

If a customer realizes that a company is loyal to his employees, they will be more inclined to be loyal to the company in turn. Brand loyalty can be created in different ways. Showing that a company is not just about numbers, but about people is certainly a way to keep their customers and attract new ones.

3. Involve your client “researches” or contests

Dicas essenciais para gerir páginas de Facebook

Engage the customer in competitions

If there is one thing that people love, it is to win free stuff. A great way to use Facebook, for customers who are involved with your company, is that they are defined in a different way than just ser treated as “consumer”. A great way to increase interest and sales in your business is to make, for example, a free lottery or a survey that will provide benefits to customers.

For example, a T-shirts emblazoned company could make a contest on creativity phrases to stamp the shirt and whoever won got the t-shirt with your idea. Or customers send photos with the products, and the best shot to win a voucher to use at the store.

Many companies know that when customers receive a gift card never spend exactly what is on the card. Once people enter the store (physical or online) not only spend more than the gift card, but also can see the many other products that the company offers.

These little tricks allow thousands of Facebook users see these incentives and participate, thus reaching the interests of people who follow the page and subsequently will they see your site. With this, you can get them to buy something and increase traffic to your site.

4. Update your audience often about your business

One of the most important things about the management of Facebook is to keep your audience interested. The best way to do this is to keep updated publications so that they are constantly involved and that “remember” your company. Facebook management services can Dicas essenciais para gerir páginas de Facebookhelp with this, finding articles, photos, events, or even news and posting them on the Facebook page of the company. Thus, there is a constant stream of content for viewing clients. Even if not the most important article that is just something funny, it's important to make the publications.

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” (Out of sight out of mind) is an example of this case. Companies offering Facebook pages management services know this, and your job is to keep the content fresh so you do not waste time looking for articles, photos or plans that may seem good to put on your Facebook page . It is also necessary to use content with quality, sometimes the graphic design You can change the way customers look at the professionalism of your company. [This is one of the most important essential tips for managing Facebook pages correctly].

5. Connect with your audience individually

Having a Facebook page has many benefits because it allows you to come into direct contact with its customers and the community at large. However, this can also cause problems if you do not know to handle the situation. Customers who are not satisfied with a product have no problem expressing their concerns. The big difference between having online presence and just having physical presence, is that on customers

Dicas essenciais para gerir páginas de Facebook

Connection with the public

apenas vão à loja, falam com um gerente e resolvem o assunto discretamente sem que os outros clientes saibam. No outro caso, se um cliente tiver uma experiência negativa no atendimento ao cliente, recebe uma mercadoria defeituosa ou tem algum tipo problema, estes podem publicar as suas queixas na página do Facebook da empresa, marcar a empresa e até mesmo anexar algumas fotos para queixar-se do sucedido.

É nestes casos que precisaria contratar uma boa empresa, que conhece bem as formas de gerir as páginas de Facebook e as situações de risco que podem acontecer online. A empresa especializada neste tipo de situações saberia como agir. Por exemplo, alcançar um cliente e oferecer correção do acidente ou reembolsar a mercadoria defeituosa, o que mostraria aos clientes que a sua empresa importa-se com os mesmos e que mostram o alto padrão quando se trata da qualidade de suas mercadorias.

Having page management services Facebook, they know how to handle a situation like this could quite possibly save the image of your company as well as the loyalty that customers have towards the same. For a successful online use and get a good company image to the public, you must know what you are doing and how to respond to different customers in different situations. This may be too much for some businesses, hence the best way to have full control of your Facebook page is to trust in a company that manages social networks to do this management for you, as the example of Be-Wide. The company provides constant updates on the pages, update and create content, thus making the social management, so you can focus on and manage other affairs of your company.

These are then Essential Tips to manage Facebook pages, but there are many more things behind a successful Facebook page, which involves more complicated and specific content. If you are interested in any service of the Be-Wide you can contact us and / or request your free quote.

Dicas essenciais para gerir páginas de Facebook


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