At the beginning of the times of web building a successful website was difficult, and it required a high degree of programming knowledge and mastery of programs to create, process images and assemble a website.

But, over the years, several alternatives have emerged and, currently, it is much easier to register a name, create a website and produce quality images to make the page visually more nice.

Como construir um site de sucesso

website construction

However, many companies preferred “escape” aside from websites and go straight to the easy way: just create a profile or a fanpage on Facebook, using this as your main web address. But a website is indispensable for long-term success, whether creating stores, blog creation, membership sites, etc, as the sites work more like a storefront, as they are renewed, but not as often compared to social networks. In addition, especially in the case of creating websites for companies, the website serves mainly to bring essential information – such as prices, products and contact channels.

That being said, to build a successful website it is first necessary establish the main objectives, as it will make your plan more structured. The goals of creating a website can be to make money, through affiliate marketing, make publicity – and here what counts is the traffic – or sell your own products or services on the site. Another objective can be the brand because, for some, fame and reputation are more important than money. In other words, they use websites to increase brand value, which in the future can generate increased revenue. Finally, it could be due to content, that is, when the purpose of the site is to create and share valuable quality content. Regardless of the objectives, the web development – creation and management of site content to be a successful site.

how to build a site Of success:

Before starting to create the site itself, it is necessary to website projection. It is important to do research on other sites with good designs and understand why the site is good. Later define the role of your website and realize what you can do differently from everyone else who is related to yours.

Como construir um site de sucesso - projeção do site

website planning

make a plannto, because building a successful website will take a lot of time and money, so set a limit for both and get started. next step is jgrease the content and decide which is best for your site and which will work best. Finally, cconsider the devices used by users, that is, create a site that is supported by smartphones and tablets.

After designing the site, we can now move on to the site construction phase. first step is decide which method or tool that will be used to build the site. There are numerous platforms for building websites, and people and companies have different opinions on what the best options are, so do some research on the best application or most efficient platform for your website.

There are three options: the first is to be you to create the site yourself. A website building program such as Adobe Dreamweaver is recommended for this, to facilitate the construction of the website, but a little programming knowledge should be necessary. The second option is use a content management system, as it helps you create pages web and blog posts quickly and easily. The third option is cbuild the site from scratch, and for that it is necessary to start using HTML and CSS, but you will have to inform yourself and educate yourself about this type of programming. Finally, the last option is hire a website design professional. If you are not willing to design your own website or learn programming languages, hiring a professional may be your best option to ensure that your website is of sufficient quality to succeed.

Como construir um site de sucesso - ter atenção ao conteúdo

Website Contents

After the site is built, it is very important that you focus on provide quality services and content. Be focused on your area of ​​activity, dedicate time to your site and be prepared for competition, especially for content sites, which require less investment, so they have the most competition. If it is a site for product and/or service companies and you don't have much time to dedicate to the site, there are also specialized companies to carry out this type of work. The important thing is that once the site is ready, it is always up to date, with an appealing design and captivating content.


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