Discover the equipment you need to get started in the world of photography:

  1. Camera and lens

This is the starting point, if we are talking about professional photography, it is inevitable to talk about DSLR or mirrorless cameras, which make it possible to change lenses, fit the flash and manually adjust the camera settings so that the photo is exactly to your liking. .

Choosing the best camera is often a cost-benefit survey. For photography professional, full frame cameras are preferable because they usually have evolved systems, sturdy construction, more features and behave better in adverse conditions, such as lack of light.

When buying a camera, it most often comes with a lens, called a kit lens. Generally speaking, these lenses are zoom lenses, covering different focal lengths.

Current kit lenses achieve better imaging performance than previous generations. However, for higher quality requirements, it may be necessary to purchase a new lens.


  1. backup battery

The battery of a DSLR camera usually has a good autonomy, still it costs nothing to prevent and always have a spare battery on hand. If you forget to charge the battery, or a session that takes longer than expected, this can be fixed with a backup battery.


  1. Tripod

Usually people think that the tripod is not necessary. It doesn't matter if we have the best camera out there, the best lenses in the world, if the photo comes out blurry or blurry, it's a lost job. That's why the tripod is extremely important. In addition, a tripod can bring creativity to photography, especially for night shots or with long exposure, it also has the advantage of forcing you to work slower and think better about the photograph, it makes you have less unwanted photos and more beautiful and complete photos.


  1. Cleaning material

The camera body and lens tend to accumulate dust and moisture, no matter where they are stored. And this can compromise image quality, either with the presence of unwanted particles, or with the development of mold due to humidity.

Using cleaning kits like the Lenspen and air sprayer is essential to remove dust from the camera lens and sensor. A softer fabric cloth, in turn, can help to eliminate moisture. Blowing to remove dust is not recommended, as some saliva particles can go along with the air and form moisture.

Cleaning Equipment

  1. Backpack

Carrying all this equipment by hand is out of the question. On the other hand, carrying everything loose and inside a bag is not an option either.
So, when choosing a backpack to carry your kit, look for specific models for photography. They have well-defined compartments, responsible for holding objects in place and cushioning impacts, they must be waterproof to prevent damage in rain situations.


  1. Computer

Although practically everyone has a computer, when we talk about a computer for photography, we are talking about a computer with higher capabilities to be able to transfer and edit photos easily and without much delay.


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Now that you are informed about the equipment needed to get started in the world of photography, I leave you here a list with suggestions of material to buy!

Chamber – Canon 90D + Lente 18-55mm

Drums – CANON Original LP-E6N

Tripod – MANFROTTO w/ 3-Way Head

Cleaning Kit – Cleaning Kit Goodis

Backpack – Mochila LOWEPRO TAHOE

Computer – Computer HP Pavilion Laptop

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